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Welcome to 2018!

Another Year Dawns. . .


Moses was a remarkable man. Born in days of danger, and yet early in life secured—even cocooned—in luxury, he might have lived a life of opulence and hedonism. And yet God so worked in his life and circumstances that he became aware of his calling not to be indulged in the privileged position of a son of the palace in Egypt, and with the very likely opportunities that would come his way from that, but to choose mistreatment along with the people of God rather than to enjoy the short-term pleasures of sin. His words are recorded in Psalm 90 (“A Prayer of Moses, the Man of God”) in which he sketched and summarized the brevity of life on this earth.

Only as we are in a reconciled and saving relationship with God through the person and work of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, can we truly learn to number our days aright and so apply our hearts to wisdom. It was in the fulness of time that God sent forth His Son to be the redeemer of sinners such as we are, and to bring us into His family in a relationship of adoption and privilege. May this be wonderfully true for us all as we move into 2018 and as we endeavor to live well for Him who lived, died, and rose again for us whose faith and only hope is in Him.

News at a Glance

Jim: Working on several new projects in a professional editing and book production service including Shepherd Press, and building a global network through social media portals as well as developing key relationships with influential individuals and publishers worldwide.

Sue continues to serve at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary as fulltime administrative assistant to the President, Dr Joseph Pipa, and enjoys her work.

Matthew has caught up Jim and Sue in height and enjoys the lifestyle of South Carolina as well as being a freshman in high school at Bob Jones Academy.

Key events in 2017 included a visit from our cousins James and Frith Robb and their daughter, Mary, in April, a visit to Ohio to attend the annual ICRS trade show in June where we also watched a ball-game in Cincinnati, and, on the way back, spent time at the Ark Encounter. At Thanksgiving, we spent a relaxing time at home with a friend who visited for the day.

View a full report of our year with some additional pictures HERE or click on the image below.

Enjoy listening to Matthew’s rendering of Joy to the World from a recital late in 2017.

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