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Victor Borge on Phonetic Punctuation

Put the Fun back into Phonetics!

I am a former school teacher; I am now an editor and a publishing consultant, as well as functioning in an entrepreneurial role. So, words are important to me. I use them; and I love using them correctly.

Occasionally, something shows up that puts the work of a linguist in a better, more humorous light. We need this kind of light relief! Danish born Victor Borge had just the skill to do this. I’ll share more of his jokes in future posts. (It is recorded, by the way, that even though Borge did not speak a word of English upon his arrival in the USA in World War II, he quickly managed to adapt his jokes to the American audience, learning English by watching movies!)

Enjoy his verbal and visual way of explaining the place of those simple punctuation marks in the two-minute clip below!

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