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USA Election 2016: Seven Principles for Believers

Thoughts from Psalm 96

Colin Mercer, minister of Faith Free Presbyterian Church, Greenville, South Carolina, outlined several key thoughts prompted by Psalm 96, as believers endeavor to navigate their way through the choices surrounding the impending election. Here are some notes that I took from the message; there are seven points:

 1. Christians living in the USA have been providentially placed in a land with civil and religious liberties.

2. We live in a fallen world, one filled with the sins of people.

3. America’s greatest need is for a true revival of religion–the evangelical faith so evident in many of the early Pilgrim fathers.

4. God is and remains sovereign over all who rule in government.

5. Christ will build His church–regardless!

6. We who are believers should do everything to the glory of God.

7. Our citizenship is in heaven, and we await a Savior from there!

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