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Tedd Tripp Talks about the Lifeline Mini-Books


Each title in the Shepherd Press imprint, Lifeline Mini-Books, begins with the word “Help!” And helpful is exactly what this series is intended to be.

In an earlier post, December 2014, I mentioned the release of some more titles. Subsequent to that, four more new ones have been published. Their details are linked below:

Help! I’m Being  Deployed

Help! My Anger Is Out of Control

Help! Someone I Love Has Alzheimer’s

Help! I’m in a Conflict

As I have previously expressed, the Lifeline Mini-Books are packed with biblical content, written with feeling and concern for readers in the issues covered (all the authors are in the trenches of ministry themselves–here is no ivory tower, distant academic theorizing!), written with personal application projects to help readers engage practically with the issues concerned, and, especially important, written with a call to turn from sin and trust the Savior. All this in just 10,000 words (that’s 64 pages of small-format reading) makes for an excellent resource to use and give away.

Consider this series of excellent resources in your ministry, your church, for your friends and family, and for your own use!

Two Minutes with Tedd Tripp

You may view a two-minute promotional of video of Tedd Tripp from the Lifeline Mini-Book website here, or click on the screen image below.



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