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Sleeping Samson: A Sermon by Colin Mercer on Judges 16:19

Surrounded by Enemies in a Philistine Bedroom

colinmercer-03Here is a man who has known the presence and power of God in remarkable ways, now surrounded by his enemies in the shadows of the inner room as he lies asleep on the lap of Delilah. In analogous spiritual terms, this scene is being reenacted by people today–people once living zealously, fervently in holiness, useful in Christian service. How things have changed.

Consider this sermon, powerfully preached and applied, by Pastor Colin Mercer, minister of Faith Free Presbyterian Church, Greenville, SC, in which he traces three primary lines of thought:

(1) The pathway that led to it: how this situation came about

(2) The tragedy that accompanies it

(3) The recovery that is possible


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