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Philip Henry and a Form of the Baptismal Covenant

A Form of the Baptismal Covenant from Philip Henry*

In our family devotions, we recently read the following from John Whitecross’ book, The Shorter Catechism Illustrated, Banner of Truth Trust reprint

Philip Henry drew up the following short form of the baptismal covenant, for the use of his children:

“I take God the Father to be my chief good and highest end. I take God the Son to be my Prince and Saviour. I take God the Holy Ghost to be my Sanctifier, Teacher, Guide, and Comforter. I take the Word of God to be my rule in all my actions, and the people of God to be my people in all conditions. I do likewise devote and dedicate unto the Lord, my whole self, all I am, all I have, and all I can do. And this do I deliberately, sincerely, freely, and for ever.”

This he taught his children; and they each of them solemnly repeated it every Lord’s Day in the evening, after they were catechized, he putting his amen to it, and sometimes adding, “So say, and so do, and you are made for ever.”

Online source citation

* Philip Henry, father of the Bible commentator, Matthew Henry, was a Puritan minister ejected under the Act of Uniformity 1662.


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