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Paul Tautges on Prayer

Pray About Everything

One of the many things I get to enjoy is working with gifted authors.

My good friend, Dr. Paul Tautges (“Say my last name to rhyme with couches,” he quipped to me when I first met him some ten years ago) is hard working in the ministry, as well as being prolific in his writing and editing. It was my privilege to be involved in his first main publication, then called Counsel one another (published by the company I used to work for in the UK) and subsequently upgraded to Counseling One Another, and now available from Shepherd Press.

One of Paul’s subsequent books was also brought into print by the same UK publisher, but, for various reasons was released to Shepherd Press, too, and is now making its second debut as Pray About Everything. It was originally titled Teach them to pray, and had as its assumption that the primary users were church ministers and office-bearers.

One of the reasons for changing the title in the Shepherd Press edition is that prayer should not only be about everything, but that prayer is for everyone who is walking in a right relationship with God. Ordinary people, not just church leaders, should be praying people!

Extensively endorsed, Paul’s book carries recommendations from men such as Jerry Bridges (he contributed the foreword), Brian Croft, Joel Beeke, and Mark Dever. Dever calls it “one of my favorite books on prayer.”

The short description of the book goes like this:

An urgent call, with practical guidelines, for believers to commit themselves to regular and systematic heartfelt prayer as an essential spiritual discipline of the Christian life.

The Table of Contents is in itself an appetite-whetter:

Foreword; Preface
Part 1 Prayer and the New Testament Church
1 Common People in Constant Prayer
2 The Priority of Prayer
Part 2 Brief Meditations for Prayer Meetings
3 Praying in Jesus’ Name
4 Praying for Unbelievers
5 Praying for Government Leaders
6 Praying Constantly
7 Praying with a Forgiving Heart
8 Praying with Tears
9 How Stubbornness Kills Prayer
10 How Husbands Get Their Prayers Answered
11 Asking Your Elders to Pray with You
12 Keep Praying!
Part 3 Practical Helps for Cultivating God-Dependency
Appendix 1 Annual “9 Days of Prayer”
Appendix 2 Four Seasons of Prayer
Appendix 3 Monthly Missions Prayer Nights
Appendix 4 Praying Scripture through Trials
Appendix 5 Prayer Sermon Outlines
Appendix 6 Small Group Bible Study on Prayer

Practical Stuff

You may order the book from Shepherd Press HERE

View a downloadable PDF information sheet HERE

Pray About Everything: Cultivating God-Dependency
Paul Tautges
Trade Paperback, 128pp, 7.8 x 5.06 inches
ISBN: 978-1-63342-114-1
Suggested retail price: $12.95

Enjoy listening to an interview and discussion between Paul Tautges and Kevin Boling of Knowing the Truth Radio.

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