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Watching This Spot

A month ago I recommended you watch this spot–this (Blog)spot–for further details on something that was a secret. It’s been engaging me intensively for the last few weeks, so my online presence has been quite diminished, at least in the blogosphere.

Box secret BlogspotBut the good news is this: I anticipate very soon to be able to open up the box completely, and to show you what is inside. In fact, for a box of this size, there is a lot for me to take out and show you. Inside it, there is a new way for you to think about how you may best use the kinds of resources that will enhance your understanding of the Bible, of God, and of His gracious works and ways. In fact, I think I’d rather take an extra week or two to get everything organized inside this box so as to be able to show it to you properly.

But, seeing as I am whetting your appetite a little in this post (and I am really excited about what I am working on!), let me at least spell out part of the mission statement of my new initiative:

[Name of Service] aims to promote and supply biblically based resources in higher-volume quantities at affordable prices, and to encourage people to read and live transformed lives to the glory of God.


What are some of the convictions that undergird my initiative? I like to spell it out in the following terms:

Cheaper_In_Dozens_Bunyan_quote(a) I am a Christian, persuaded of the Bible’s teaching, and aligned with the historic creeds and confessions such as the Westminster Standards;

(b) I am committed to a biblical ethos and model of publishing, and to the promotion and widespread use of Christ-honoring resources;

(c) I am persuaded of the place and value of reading, and to its ongoing usefulness for all faithful disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

(d) I have experience in editing, producing, publishing, marketing, and selling books, having operated discount mailorder businesses before, and having served for over ten years as director of publications and marketing for a UK-based publisher.

(e) In addition to commencing [Name of Service], I serve as a publishing consultant, operating a cluster of websites, including www.publisherpresentations.org, www.greatpublishing.org and www.greatwriting.org.

I’ll leave it at that. There is much more information coming your way soon!

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