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Introducing Cheaper in Dozens

Cheaper_in_Dozens_square_small_logo_PNGA picture is worth a thousand words, or so the trite old saying goes. Therefore, if my math is correct, a video clip could be worth more like sixty thousand words.

My son, Matthew, aged eleven, has produced a one-minute video which introduces Cheaper in Dozens, a new initiative to make excellent books available on a sliding scale of discounted prices, with free shipping, sent directly to you from the publisher. There’s a long way to go, still, in this initiative, but the show is now, as people like to say, “on the road.”

View the one-minute video below, and also take a look at www.cheaperindozens.com. Then tell your friends about it, too!



Here’s an Approximate Transcript of the Video

I’m Jim Holmes. I love books, and because I love books and I’m passionate about reading, I’ve started www.cheaperindozens.com.

Cheaper in Dozens is a great new way for you to buy your books online. Everything on offer is faithful to the Bible. Everything on offer is at a discounted price. And everything on offer is sent to you shipping free!

How does it work? You just go online and see what’s available, and place your order. Your book gets shipped to you directly from the publisher.

My vision is to see people reading and enjoying books. So, if you are in a church or school, you can buy several copies of the same book at even greater discounts. Buy just one? That’s OK… Buy twelve? Well, the deal gets better. Books are cheaper in dozens! Buy 25, 50, 100 or 200? Wow, the individual prices just keep getting lower. Check out the table of discounts on each book and you’ll see what I mean.

This deal sounds too good to be true. So, what’s the catch?

There’s no catch. Just go online, browse, place your order, and get reading!

I’m Jim Holmes. Thanks for watching!



A Note about the Video Production

The video was produced using iPad technology, using the iMovie App, created by Apple. My son, who has figured out this technology, produced the video for me. I’m delighted with the result!

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