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Publishing: It is in the Blood!

I am a publisher. It is in my blood. I am not a printer; that would be old fashioned and, no, I would not like printers’ ink flowing through my veins. I am happier pulsating with electrons, alive with bits and bytes.

I like to help get resources out of people. It is, as it were, a birthing process I am involved in. You have a creative idea; I help you to generate it, formulate it, and get it into print, whether as a physical book, electronic book, or online posting. Recently I encouraged a friend in England to become “a blogging bloke.” The processes are all related.

Your Book; Your Blog!

Do you feel as if there is a book inside you, and you need help in getting it birthed? Contact me, and let’s discuss it! If you would like to see some of the kinds of things I do, you should also visit some of my other sites, such as Great Writing, and Publisher Presentations.

To see how I work with publishers and authors in promoting their ministries, you could also take a look at Lifeline Mini-books, Glenda HottonIt’s Apparent, and Janet E Green. There are more projects like these in the works!

To sum up…

I describe myself in my work as the following:

I am an editor and publishing consultant;

I am a networking marketer;

I am a promoter and seller of good books.


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Words of Appreciation from Some People Sue and I Have Served

“What more could an author want?”

I have known Jim and Sue for a number of years and heartily recommend them. They are both professional and highly skilled. They recently edited a book that I wrote and did a fantastic job. I had previously given the manuscript to several people to seek ways of improving it, including someone with a Masters Degree in writing. While comments and suggestions received from these people were extremely beneficial, when Jim and Sue were given the final manuscript to edit and proof-read, they were able to find many areas to further improve, and mistakes that others had missed. This resulted in a much better book, with this improvement achieved without sacrificing content or author style. What more could an author want?

David Clark, Author, “You, Your Family and the Internet”, Former Executive Director of EP Books, President of DaCar Inc. (USA), Managing Director of Advanced Technology Consulting Ltd (UK), Former Board Member of Evangelical Times, Editorial Team Member, Christian Hymns.

 “They have inspired me!”

Jim and Sue are among the most personable and proficient people I have had the pleasure of working with. They have inspired me, as an author, and have guided and skilfully helped to shape my work. I do not think I would have been able to write so many books without their invaluable help!

Simon J Robinson, Senior Pastor, Walton Evangelical Church, England, Author of several books

 “Highly recommended!”

I would like to highly recommend using Great Writing and Jim Holmes for any and all of your writing and publishing needs! I could have never gotten to being a published author without Jim’s expertise and patience. He guided me through so many areas of uncertainty, and carefully helped me achieve what I wanted in this authorship stage.

John Lehman, Author, “It’s Apparent … You’re a Parent”

“Courtesy and Attention to Detail”

I have been most impressed with Jim Holmes’ efficiency and service in supporting the compiling, making and distribution of good Christian literature. What particularly impresses me with Jim is his courtesy and attention to detail. There is a determination to do a good service and a deep desire to see biblical and worthwhile God-honouring materials supplied to churches and Christian groups. I can wholeheartedly recommend Jim and his Christian service to all.

Professor Andy McIntosh, Creation Apologist and Writer

 “Character and skill”

Two things stand out concerning Jim and Sue’s editorial work: character and skill. The combination ensures the writer’s integrity and the reader’s enjoyment. I recommend them highly.

Dr. Reggie Weems, Senior Pastor, Heritage Baptist Church, Johnson City, TN, Author of several books

 “You will not be disappointed!”

Having worked with Jim and Sue Holmes for several years in the publishing of Christian literature, I can only give them the highest possible commendation. They offer the unusual blend of expertise with Christian kindness and grace. Clients who choose this service will not be disappointed.

Roger Ellsworth, Pastor, Author of over forty books

“Integrity and Efficiency”

Two words come immediately to mind when I think of Jim and Sue Holmes—integrity and efficiency. When you add gracious courtesy to those you have a combination that encourages you to work with them, as I have in South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States. Their experience and expertise will be of great benefit to authors who choose to partner with them and I commend them warmly to any who consider doing so.

Dr. John Blanchard, Evangelist, Author and Christian Apologist

 “A sharp theological mind”

Jim Holmes knows books and the publishing world and has tremendous gifts that he graciously uses to the benefit of many writers and publishers. He has a keen eye to recognize solid, biblical content. He has a sharp theological mind that aids the writer’s efforts to communicate theological convictions in a clear manner. He is a very precise editor, improving what is there and catching and correcting small inconsistencies, thus enhancing the work. In a variety of ways, he is an asset to a publisher as well as to a writer looking to sharpen his or her project. I highly commend the gifts, work, and character of this faithful, Christian man.

Brian Croft, Author (of “Visit the Sick” and other books), Senior Pastor, Auburndale Baptist Church, Founder of Practical Shepherding



Summary of Services Offered

Editorial, Production, Promotional, and Related Services

Primary websites: Great Writing | Great Publishing

Editorial services, including
• Copyediting
• Proofreading
• Developmental Editing and Ghostwriting
• Blogging: Structure, Strategy and Topic Management

Production and Promotional services, including
• WordPress Website development
• Personal Online Marketing
• Publications Project Management
• Guidance in Self-Publishing

Examples of some websites presently being developed
• www.lifelineminibooks.com
• www.glendahotton.org
• www.itsapparent.org
• www.timothyjcross.org

Experience at a glance
• Former Director of Publications and Marketing
• Extensive editing and marketing skills
• Proficient in both UK and USA editing conventions
• Client portfolio in North America, UK, Europe

Client Praise
• Happy client reviews available here

Service charges
• Competitive rates
• Charges either per hour or per project; budget always agreed up front
• Payment either in US dollars or UK sterling by direct bank transfer

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• I look forward to discussing your project with you!