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Holistic and Holy

I think physical fitness is a great idea! Being holy and taking a holistic view on life are not mutually exclusive concepts.

Ever since Sue began a keep-fit program several years ago, it has inspired me to do the best I can with my own health. A workplace injury sustained in my former employment prevents me from doing anything too strenuous for the time being, but I do the best I can. Sue does better, exercising usually each week.

Coach Lehman for back coverA few years ago, I first made the acquaintance of John Lehman. John is family and counseling pastor at a local church, Hampton Park Baptist Church, and he has written three books, two of which I have helped him publish, and the third is on the point of going to press.

The third book, titled Fit for the Master–Glorifying God in a Healthy Body, captured my imagination the moment John first told me about it. “This could be the book that people most pay attention to,” I told him. “I really believe you are on to something with this particular writing project.”

John has defined the purpose of the book in these words: “This book is intended to encourage everyone to be fit for the Master’s use. God created us, and therefore we should be as functional as possible, so bringing Him glory while being able to lead more efficient and effective lives.”

The editing and production process has been both interesting and enjoyable, not to mention stimulating! We’ve worked hard to sharpen it, and it covers a lot of really important points. Consider, for example, the chapter divisions below:

FFTM with DSGlorious Creator; Wonderful Creation
(Thinking about your place in God’s universe)

Health, and a Healthy Self-Image
(Enjoying being the “you” that God intends you to be)

You Don’t Have to Over-Strain!
(Understanding the place of exercise)

Exercise Guidelines
(Developing a practical strategy that suits you)

Food for Thought
(Getting your nutrition the way it should be)

Digest This!
(Considering what happens to your food after you have swallowed it)

Rest, Relaxation and Sleep
(Improving your efficiencies through wise sleep strategies)

Blessed Are the Balanced
(Maintaining body-soul equilibrium)

Go On . . . Just Do it!
(Putting the principles into practice)

Extensively illustrated with numerous well-drawn diagrams (see some samples at the head of this page), the book packs a lot of information very concisely into 144 pages, and is being produced as a handy-sized hardback. You can read much more about it by clicking or tapping so get to John’s site HERE, and also view a one-minute video below. And you can also read some typeset pages on this site HERE.

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