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An Appeal from Jim Holmes to the Members of the Council of Reference of Day One Christian Ministries

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This page is the copy of my email dated April 2nd, 2018, is sent to:

Dr. Joel Beeke

Prof Stuart Burgess

Dr. Michael Haykin

Dr. Stuart Olyott

Rev. Derek Prime

Rev. Maurice Roberts

Rev. David Samuel (email contact pending)

Rev. Geoff Thomas

Mr. Dan Walker


Dear {Individual Name}


Brothers in Christ, Day One Council of Reference


Day One Christian Ministries Update: An allegation of misconduct and negligence on the part of several brothers in Christ, my former employment superiors


In the light of your position as a member of the Council of Reference of Day One Christian Ministries, I feel obligated to inform you of a serious wrongdoing—a matter that has been ongoing for some four years and that has now reached an impasse.


It was my privilege and pleasure to serve the Lord in the fulltime employ of Day One Christian Ministries for over ten years, first in the United Kingdom and subsequently in the USA as director of publications and marketing as well as vice president of Day One’s US corporation. I believe I served Day One well, and I am thankful to have had this opportunity, and even since my position was terminated in 2014, I have sought to promote the publishing endeavors of Day One through my online initiatives, and notably in a book promotional and sales service I have developed,


Background and context

Regrettably, I must inform you that my employment was terminated by the management council in a manner that was unspiritual, unbiblical, and unethical. This was under the auspices of then chairman Rev. Colin D. Jones and managing director Mr. Mark Roberts, and subsequently by Rev. Dr. Jim Winter. A series of wrongs has been done, and I believe the Holy Spirit is grieved in what has transpired and that God’s blessing will not be upon the work and witness of Day One unless and until it is put right.


I undertook to inform all of the members of the management council, believing that things would be made right by Christian brothers. Each of the members of the management council is involved in gospel ministry and their church associations are listed below my signature. Because it has become evident that there is no willingness on their part to consider my plight, I believe each of the brothers mentioned below has sinned against me and my family and that, in the light of my concerns and allegations below, as individuals they have equal and shared responsibility to repent of their actions and help find a Christ-honoring solution to matters that have transpired. Each of the men has been fully informed of my situation and none is in a position to plead ignorance of the matter I now bring to your attention.


Abandoned and left penniless, and with a workplace injury

To describe the matter briefly, once I had closed the Day One business located in South Carolina in full compliance with all the directives I was given by my superiors, I was asked to sign a release that falsified certain details of the circumstances of the conclusion of my employment. Had I signed such a document, I would have been in receipt of a severance payment and I would have been bound by a confidentiality agreement not to divulge any details of its contents. Such a payout would have been very much to the financial advantage of my former employers. The proffered agreement ignored several elements of my service, such as Day One’s failure to reimburse me for personal expenditure incurred in relocation, the failed promises of repatriation airfares (my wife’s mother died in Britain without my wife being able to visit her before her passing), non-contribution to retirement investment planning, five months of unused leave foregone, numerous hours of overtime worked for free, etc., all of which I pointed out to the management council. I am able to supply a full schedule of such, detailing the financial implications.


The proffered contract of release required me, inter alia, to record that the termination of my employment was by mutual agreement, that all leave allocations had been duly used, and that I had never experienced a workplace injury, whereas it is on record that my employers were well aware that these matters were not so (specifically, for example, I sustained a double inguinal hernia, the result of having had to carry large loads in the warehouse when handling books, which is quoted to cost around $30,000 to repair surgically and for which I will have to pay personally), and the Day One Management Council had even suggested through Colin D. Jones that I return to the UK for surgical care under the National Health Service—something that I pointed out that I was not entitled to, but which point was ignored.


In short, I was abandoned in the United States, without employment, quite literally penniless, and with a workplace injury after rendering diligent and faithful service to the company since 2003. Under South Carolina law, it is relatively easy to dismiss an employee; in legal terms, severance requirements are minimal, which made it easy, on a technicality, for my employment to be terminated. (For the record, they offered the alternative of repatriation to the UK but without further employment there.)


Seeking resolution to the issue in Biblical terms

I have sought privately and persistently (for exactly four years, now) to have this matter corrected. The communications I have sent to the management council since my dismissal in 2014 have been both by email and airmail letter, and Rev. Dr. Jim Winter confirmed on behalf of the whole council that these communications have been received. All of the men are fully briefed in all details of my concerns. I am able to divulge contents of communications between me and them, and to begin with, I am making available some key details and core content on my website, (URL in the next paragraph) for your attention.


I believe failure to remedy this wrong will bring God’s judgment on Day One, on these ministers, and on their ministries. I do not desire God’s work to suffer. I have sought to handle this matter biblically by going to my brethren, but they have continually refused to hear me. So I am now coming to each of you as a member of body of men holding a position in the Council of Reference of Day One. Further details pertaining to this matter are posted on a link that may only be accessed privately on my website, and I am prepared to speak with you personally.


I should mention that I have also urged Mr. John Roberts, father of Mark Roberts, (John is the former general manager and now president of Day One Christian Ministries), in a private letter written in fraternal tones to him and I have pleaded with him for the sake of the future prosperity and blessing of God on Day One to intervene to help resolve this matter. I know that he is in receipt of both the physical letter I sent him by signed-for mail as well as an electronic copy of it that I have posted on the private page on my website, and yet after over four months, he has still not replied. I no longer consider this letter to be private and have now drawn the attention of the management council to it. You may read it on my website at the link in the above paragraphs.


None of my former employers, my brothers in Christ, is responding to me. Dr. Jim Winter informed me in March 2017 that he had been instructed by the council that the matter was now closed and that I should communicate with “the Day One office”. However, there has been no response from Mr. Mark Roberts, the Managing Director. In mid-December 2017 I notified each of the brethren mentioned below that if it became apparent by January 19, 2018 that we could not communicate together privately and in the fear of the Lord to remedy the matter, I would involve others to help find a solution. They elected not to respond to my communication. You may read details I have posted at a private link on my website I have already mentioned above and I urge you to view its contents.


How you might be able to help

Therefore, in this communication to you, as a Member of the Council of Reference, I am requesting that:

  • You enquire of the officers of Day One Christian Ministries management council to be sure that I have not alleged anything inaccurately, misunderstood any of their communications, or misrepresented matters (I am able to furnish evidence for my assertions);
  • You enquire of these brethren as to why this matter has been handled in such an unrighteous manner;
  • You, as a brother of maturity and one held in public respect and holding public office in Day One Christian Ministries as a Council of Reference member, seek to bring your personal and associational influence to bear upon these brethren in urging them to respond to me so that together we might find a fair and God-honoring solution;
  • You pray that the Lord will direct a resolution that is pleasing to Him.


Please understand my heart in this matter: I am of the belief that it is best to resolve problems to avoid bringing dishonor and disrepute to men’s ministries and their churches. With your help, it may yet be possible to find a private solution to this matter.


I conclude with a point that I have made to my former employers: a wrong done does not cease to be a wrong done simply because a certain length of time has elapsed.


I am hopeful for your influence and involvement in this matter.


Yours sincerely in our Lord Jesus Christ,


Jim Holmes


Names of Day One Management Council and Staff with whom I have communicated


Rev. Clive Anderson, The Butts Church, Alton

Rev. Gareth Burke

Rev. Dr. Iain D. Campbell (Deceased)

Rev. Ian Cooper, Tollgate Evangelical Church

Rev. Steven Curry, Bethany Baptist Church, N. Ireland

Rev. Dr. Joseph Fell, Ebrington Presbyterian Church, N. Ireland

Rev. Christopher Hughes

Rev. Colin Jones (Former Chairman), Formerly of Three Bridges Evangelical Church

Rev. Howard Sayers, Hailsham Baptist Church

Rev. Paul Williams, Swindon Evangelical Church

Rev. Dr. Jim Winter (Chairman at the time of commencing this special information page, now resigned from this position)

Mr. Mark Roberts (Managing Director)

Courtesy copy to Mr. John Roberts (President, Day One Christian Ministries)


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